Below is selection of just some of the positive feedback we have received from our happy owners and healthy pets.

1.  Euan and Staff

We would like to say a massive thank you to you all for the love and dedication you gave ‘Chubba’ over the last 18 yrs.  We know that everything you ever did for him was of the highest level of care possible.

Having him from birth right through to a great old age gave us so much pleasure for every member of our family, thank you to all your staff for making this possible

Brad and Janice  3/2017

2.  To Euan ,Vincent,Silvi and all the nursing staff

My heartfelt thanks for all your efforts to keep Yoda with us, he came to me as an abandoned cat but enriched my life more than I can explain.  You are all such a wonderful crew!

Sue  N   4/2017

3. Dearest Euan and all the staff at Northlands Animal Care

You certainly lived up to your name with Nikita. We cannot thank you enough for all your support, advice, caring, guidance and giving that you gave to our pup dog and us.  Nikita was a unique family member, she gave us so much love and devotion and even when she was so sick she never complained. Thank you for your expert help and support 24/7 through our journey with liver cancer we have been blessed with a rewarding wonderful experience.

John and Beryl 12/2016

4.   To the team at Northlands Animal care Hospital

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who looked after ’Jackie” throughout her life in New Zealand and it was rewarding to see her have such a good quality of life thanks to your care especially in her last months of life.  It’s never easy losing a loved pet and in Jackie’s case it is doubly hard as she followed me over from Singapore over a decade  ago .

Colin O  8/2016

5.   Dear Euan, Silvi and all the wonderful nurses

Thank you for taking such great care of our big boy ’Bennie’ with his kidney failure, he is doing so well and we deeply appreciate your guidance, expertise, love and care .

Hannes, Mariette, Emma & Inge  7/2017

6.  To all the staff at Northlands Animal Care

Thank you for your tender and loving care of our much loved companion “Molly”.  The 15 & 1/2 yrs she spent with us loving us unconditionally enriched our lives more than we could ever have imagined. She went through major health issues, you were there for her and for us as a family.  Euan your expertise, your calmness your determination to do the best you possibly could is deeply appreciated by us.

With eternal, grateful thanks, Catherine, Sarah, Helen and Mathew 10/2016